Better Patient Insights. More Insights. Faster and Visualized.

Technekes’ patented artificial intelligence (AI) data platform enables pharmaceutical and biotechnology leaders, like you, to glean patient insight and feedback and provide actionable insight – in real-time. Visualized data. No data scientist required.

Get ahead of the competition


Discover Visualized Data Delivered in Real-Time, powered by Stratifyd

Technekes utilizes a smart, patented platform that takes a comprehensive approach to data visualization, handling large volumes of structured data (contact info, spreadsheets, etc.) and unstructured data (text and images from social media, search engines, etc.) with unprecedented speed. The platform enables you to access more information – presented visually – in less time to better inform decision-making.

Simply feed the platform with datasets from your HCPs and patients and it returns visualized data in minutes. Actionable data. Data that you can use to market. Data that you can use to manage your business, to outsmart the competition.


Increase Speed to Market

Identify and develop potential drugs into approved and reimbursed medicines faster


Enhance Clinical Trial Efficiency

Expand patient sources for smaller, shorter, less expensive and more informative clinical trials 


Improve Safety and Reduce Risks

Identify and monitor safety issues and adverse events with greater speed and accuracy using a range of sources, such as patient inquiries, search engines, electronic medical records, online communities, etc.


Make Informed Decisions Faster

Access more reliable and accurate information and insights through comprehensive data integration

What took weeks of data scientist time and limited capacity, now takes minutes to handle more data, in drastically less time with better insights. Without the data scientist. That’s the platform.